funny things christians say.

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…so I was scanning the FSM (Pastafarian) hate mail and it’s surprising what they say.

1. Atheism is a religion.
…words mean things. like the word ignorance.
2.Without god, life has no meaning.
…hate to be living your life.
3. your god doesn’t have a brain.
…a brain physically manifests in the real world. i.e. god doesn’t have a brain.
4. your religion is just made up stuff put in a book.
…you have a point there.
5. It’s just a bunch of stories stolen from other religions.
…like water walking was from Poseidon, or resurrection was from Mithra.
6. I could just eat your god. haha! (pasta)
…communion blood and flesh… cannibal vampires?
7. you can’t prove your points just by your book verses.
…again, you have a point.
8. all christianity requires is faith of the unseen, and the conviction that comes from the heart.
…sounds like gullibility and blood.
9. god sacrificed his son for you
…knowing full well he would bring him back with no consequences.
10.why don’t you just read the bible?
…I did, and I am appalled by the horrors.

Christians should listen to what they say.


Open letter to Skype

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Dear Skype,
I’ve been using Windows for over 20 years, back when it barely worked. But you know what did work? Those little buttons at the upper right. minus, square, X. Most programmers got this shit figured out. I’m here to help, even if you got no goddamn excuse for this epic fuck up. Three buttons that do three DIFFERENT things, that’s the idea. but it’s more than that, the three things they do, work the same on every program you use. That is such a damn good idea. Oh, and you fucked it up. Why would you do such a thing? if I hit the wrong button, it’s on me for being stupid. Yes, The X is not to minimize, we already have a minimize button! Why make two buttons do the same thing? It’s inane. So you even go a step further, and punish anyone who figures out how to close the program. The password that is automatically there every single time I sign in, but it is gone if I close the program the round about way. This is such a petty piece of bullshit. Make the damn buttons work right and save my password forever if I want that. Quit being a dick.


small talk unacceptable?

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see it all the time in profiles, one form or another. paraphrased.
“ignored if your introduction is just a Hello, how are you?”
why? it’s perfectly acceptable in the real world. even expected. I’m a guy, obviously, with an updated avatar, been here a bit over nine years. if I calculate all the times this has happened to me in non RP sims, I could count them on one hand. that’s the first clue. how many times I fell for this blip and did it, is another matter. more clues. the times I’ve been at joints and people had a mic open with the TV blasting, more clues. open chat filling with youtube, porn, pictures. I’m getting to the point where I am giving my rant away.

is this one of them SL/RL differences? I don’t think so. at least not fully. what do I think?.

lack of people skills. boredom. fantasy. plunged right into a story that you are a part of. you got your own reality TV show. just like reality TV. scripted, fake, hollow. a week of interaction to make a thimble of content. somewhat engaging when you’re a part of it, boring from the outside looking in.

RP is how you play with someone without either investing in the outcome, small talk is how you get to know someone.
Aren’t you worth knowing? think about it.


you retard.

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Vitamin Water does a French Canadian promo with short inspirations or jabs aimed at motivating the people drinking it. The random apologist website reporting this story responsibly adds “Retard” in French means “late” or “delayed”. really?  that’s what it means IN FRENCH. funny thing, it means the exact same fucking thing in ENGLISH! it’s time for a schooling.


I spent  great deal of time in auto repair. adjusting car ignition timing. BTDC, ATDC.   retard v/s advance. this goes back to before they even had short busses. the distributor cap mounts on a swivel so loosen the bolts and twist to advance or retard the timing. also…


I’ve spent some time working in air conditioning. this is a typical gauge. dial rotates clockwise as the pressure increases. even though this is a low pressure side gauge, things can go wrong and the pressure can go quite high. so the gauge has a built in device to save itself from being destroyed.  if you follow the gauge face to between 5 and 6 o’clock where the dial would be pegged. clearly labeled “retard” zone. where the dial advances markedly slower. because if it does peg, you can just throw it out.

gauge retard

so lets wrap it up. retard is a word, it has a meaning. hell it was even accurate for people until the butt-hurt crowd stepped in. let us cycle through some of these words. most of which were acceptable terms before the hurtfeelioma crowd stepped in and cried. they even approved or invented some of these terms before they disdained them. so Cripple, Retarded, Special, Mentally Challenged, Disabled, Handicapable, Differently Abled, Special Needs. now they use “cognitively delayed”. this saying abuses the English language, things that are permanent, are not delayed. ever hear in an airport, “stopover flight 154 from Chicago has crashed, so boarding that plane will be delayed”.  someone will find a way to tweak these words and it will make your list of hurtful terms someday. the real truth is that this is another group of professional victims waiting to be hurt. no one can hurt your feeling unless you LET THEM. so you have a few cruel people, who find out how to push your buttons and you let it sting, and the shameful thing is teaching your kids that these words have the power to hurt them. so now you’re as dumb as a bag of rocks and the trolls win.

so many follow the Matrix ( a movie from 15 years ago that used a lot of black and white wardrobe mostly so they could tint scenes greenish after without it looking like hell) fashion, so I’ll use Matrix logic to question it. in the “show me” fight scene with Morpheus, he asks “do you think that’s air you’re breathing?”.

Now I ask “Do you think that wearing black makes you cool?”  the answer is definitively yes.  which makes as much sense as Neo answering yes.  whether it stems from insecurity or laziness, doesn’t matter, you’re still easy to spot.

moving on to long hair, many girls too meek to tell you wish this fad was over. it may have been cool into the mid eighties. now? well now it’s dirtbags, hippies, and homeless.  I guess the hippies should thank me for not including them with dirtbags, I’ll have to rethink that part.

Machine Made Men

this so much reminds me of the typical “uniform” the guys in SL adopt. big black boots, black pants, often shirtless or black shirt, black hair. the point is, they all look the same, sheep, dressing how they expect they should or copying what they have seen. in uniform, another brick.

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Eyehandy how to videos.

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flying cars, google glass, get your beer cold, smoke a cigar.  lots of how to videos with hot girls.