taking another shot at all black fashions

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

so many follow the Matrix ( a movie from 15 years ago that used a lot of black and white wardrobe mostly so they could tint scenes greenish after without it looking like hell) fashion, so I’ll use Matrix logic to question it. in the “show me” fight scene with Morpheus, he asks “do you think that’s air you’re breathing?”.

Now I ask “Do you think that wearing black makes you cool?”  the answer is definitively yes.  which makes as much sense as Neo answering yes.  whether it stems from insecurity or laziness, doesn’t matter, you’re still easy to spot.

moving on to long hair, many girls too meek to tell you wish this fad was over. it may have been cool into the mid eighties. now? well now it’s dirtbags, hippies, and homeless.  I guess the hippies should thank me for not including them with dirtbags, I’ll have to rethink that part.


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