Open letter to Skype

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dear Skype,
I’ve been using Windows for over 20 years, back when it barely worked. But you know what did work? Those little buttons at the upper right. minus, square, X. Most programmers got this shit figured out. I’m here to help, even if you got no goddamn excuse for this epic fuck up. Three buttons that do three DIFFERENT things, that’s the idea. but it’s more than that, the three things they do, work the same on every program you use. That is such a damn good idea. Oh, and you fucked it up. Why would you do such a thing? if I hit the wrong button, it’s on me for being stupid. Yes, The X is not to minimize, we already have a minimize button! Why make two buttons do the same thing? It’s inane. So you even go a step further, and punish anyone who figures out how to close the program. The password that is automatically there every single time I sign in, but it is gone if I close the program the round about way. This is such a petty piece of bullshit. Make the damn buttons work right and save my password forever if I want that. Quit being a dick.



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