funny things christians say.

Posted: September 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

…so I was scanning the FSM (Pastafarian) hate mail and it’s surprising what they say.

1. Atheism is a religion.
…words mean things. like the word ignorance.
2.Without god, life has no meaning.
…hate to be living your life.
3. your god doesn’t have a brain.
…a brain physically manifests in the real world. i.e. god doesn’t have a brain.
4. your religion is just made up stuff put in a book.
…you have a point there.
5. It’s just a bunch of stories stolen from other religions.
…like water walking was from Poseidon, or resurrection was from Mithra.
6. I could just eat your god. haha! (pasta)
…communion blood and flesh… cannibal vampires?
7. you can’t prove your points just by your book verses.
…again, you have a point.
8. all christianity requires is faith of the unseen, and the conviction that comes from the heart.
…sounds like gullibility and blood.
9. god sacrificed his son for you
…knowing full well he would bring him back with no consequences.
10.why don’t you just read the bible?
…I did, and I am appalled by the horrors.

Christians should listen to what they say.


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