small talk unacceptable?

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

see it all the time in profiles, one form or another. paraphrased.
“ignored if your introduction is just a Hello, how are you?”
why? it’s perfectly acceptable in the real world. even expected. I’m a guy, obviously, with an updated avatar, been here a bit over nine years. if I calculate all the times this has happened to me in non RP sims, I could count them on one hand. that’s the first clue. how many times I fell for this blip and did it, is another matter. more clues. the times I’ve been at joints and people had a mic open with the TV blasting, more clues. open chat filling with youtube, porn, pictures. I’m getting to the point where I am giving my rant away.

is this one of them SL/RL differences? I don’t think so. at least not fully. what do I think?.

lack of people skills. boredom. fantasy. plunged right into a story that you are a part of. you got your own reality TV show. just like reality TV. scripted, fake, hollow. a week of interaction to make a thimble of content. somewhat engaging when you’re a part of it, boring from the outside looking in.

RP is how you play with someone without either investing in the outcome, small talk is how you get to know someone.
Aren’t you worth knowing? think about it.



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