anti flexi crusade

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

stop all flexi objects from flexing! I gain about 10% or so framerate in a roomfull.

Ctrl-Alt-F9  (or Advanced>Rendering Features>Flexible Objects)

I don’t so much mind the small strand intermingled flexi type hair, but forcing it to stop flexing doesn’t kill the style.   Flexi prims won’t disappear with this, they do stop flexing in whatever position they were in when you toggled them off.   if someone was moving violently when you turned it off as AOs are likely to do, their flexis may be oddly hanging,  you will have to do a toggle on and back off when they are in a relaxed position to fix this. unfortunately not for everyone. so you can snicker at the odd appearance or derender or suffer the frame hit.

Drawbacks: it seems that some flexi will refuse to load correctly. kinda looks like mesh did on a non mesh viewer.  toggling flex on then back off puts it right. also, it seems, on logging in the viewer turns it back on. so you will have to keep an eye on it, or an eye on stuff flexing.

Pluses:  easy to spot behind the times avies with their unrendered flexiprims. for a quick derender.

want to try to unflex some of your flex an see if it still looks decent? I did a short hair and it came out ok since it was kinda bedhead and stuff sticking out is not so bad. I did a long coat and it was a disaster. WARNING: make a copy first incase this goes bad, there is no going back. the problem with this method is the prims return to the unflexed position, and designers tend to jack prims out so they drape when you are standing still. you may well end up with a porcupine. or like I did, tuck in a few hair parts and go.

llSetLinkPrimitiveParams( LINK_SET, [PRIM_FLEXIBLE, FALSE,0,0,0,0,0,<0.0,0.0,0.0>] );
llRemoveInventory( llGetScriptName());

this will strip flexibleness from every prim in a linkset. in SL edit a new script, I named mine “deflex linkset”so only the above code is in it.  edit the flex item. drop this script in the last tab contents. it should instantly run and delete itself.

so turning off seeing flex will lower how much you lag and give you easy derender targets. deflexing your gear will lower how much everyone else lags from you. hell, it might be easier if you just go buy mesh stuff.

my hair ARC before 14208, after 9648.


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