Tags, explained

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

-there’s nothting VIP about a VIP tag. you don’t get treated any better then a chump with no tag. you do, however, advertise for free for a freakishly bad sim.
-Model, Pornstar, Superstar, Sexy. without fail, they’ve hit every branch of the ugly tree. and wear outdated clothes.
-Daddy, Dom, Sir, Master, Mistress. Extra large helping of insecurity. title void.
-add one to (lesbian) Mistress. over 99% chance of having a penis.
-slave, submisive, kajira. finders keepers.
-thug, bull, blacktastic. desperatly wishing for a penis thicker then your finger.
-bad boy, bastard, evil. pandering 101. don’t get it? that’s why it works.
-voice verified. got my sister to pass that test.
-[name]’s girl. I think he’s cheating, this might discourage her while I’m here.
-land renter. wanna see my poseballs, er I mean, house?
-Princess, Angel, Cupcake, Brat. daddy used to call me that.
-foreign country. looking for an accent whore because I have no substance.
-Owner. made my first group and don’t know how to change it.


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