you retard.

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Vitamin Water does a French Canadian promo with short inspirations or jabs aimed at motivating the people drinking it. The random apologist website reporting this story responsibly adds “Retard” in French means “late” or “delayed”. really?  that’s what it means IN FRENCH. funny thing, it means the exact same fucking thing in ENGLISH! it’s time for a schooling.


I spent  great deal of time in auto repair. adjusting car ignition timing. BTDC, ATDC.   retard v/s advance. this goes back to before they even had short busses. the distributor cap mounts on a swivel so loosen the bolts and twist to advance or retard the timing. also…


I’ve spent some time working in air conditioning. this is a typical gauge. dial rotates clockwise as the pressure increases. even though this is a low pressure side gauge, things can go wrong and the pressure can go quite high. so the gauge has a built in device to save itself from being destroyed.  if you follow the gauge face to between 5 and 6 o’clock where the dial would be pegged. clearly labeled “retard” zone. where the dial advances markedly slower. because if it does peg, you can just throw it out.

gauge retard

so lets wrap it up. retard is a word, it has a meaning. hell it was even accurate for people until the butt-hurt crowd stepped in. let us cycle through some of these words. most of which were acceptable terms before the hurtfeelioma crowd stepped in and cried. they even approved or invented some of these terms before they disdained them. so Cripple, Retarded, Special, Mentally Challenged, Disabled, Handicapable, Differently Abled, Special Needs. now they use “cognitively delayed”. this saying abuses the English language, things that are permanent, are not delayed. ever hear in an airport, “stopover flight 154 from Chicago has crashed, so boarding that plane will be delayed”.  someone will find a way to tweak these words and it will make your list of hurtful terms someday. the real truth is that this is another group of professional victims waiting to be hurt. no one can hurt your feeling unless you LET THEM. so you have a few cruel people, who find out how to push your buttons and you let it sting, and the shameful thing is teaching your kids that these words have the power to hurt them. so now you’re as dumb as a bag of rocks and the trolls win.


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